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Message from our Director

 We offer counseling for youth (ages 12 and older), individual adults, couples (married or engaged) and families. The mission of our practice is “to provide the services that help people reach their fullest potential for happy and healthy lives.” High quality service from us means that we continue to develop our skills to improve the delivery and effectiveness of interventions based on best practice, professional experiences and attention to the individual needs of our clients. Professional service means operating with the mindset that we work for and in the best interest of the clients. These expectations are held consistently for every encounter with a client whether it is by phone, in a session or with representatives (family members, referral sources, etc.).

Demarcus C. Davis, LPC/MHSP, Executive Director

Specialty Areas:

Marriage and Family Therapy - We have multiple therapists on site who have earned degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy. Our perspective is that most issues that we deal with as individuals impact our families and are impacted by our families. We get the best results from working with all interest parties.

Trauma/Anxiety - Anxiety is caused by trauma. Whether the trauma was life threatening (what we call "Big T" trauma) or significant  (or discomfort ("Little T" trauma), anxiety and nervousness often is the result. We use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (or Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for youth) to resolve the underlying issues that cause the anxiety.

Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorder) - Our approach to depression and bipolar is based on holistic philosophy. While we used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the treatment of mood disorders, we also recognize that diet, exercise and the social environment are major factors in our moods and in recovery from mood disorders.

Adolescent/Teen Behavioral Issues - Adolescent years can be difficult for both the parents and the youth. We work with teens who have issues controlling anger, defiance, poor school performance and marijuana use. Additionally, we treat a high number of youth who are struggling with abandonment by and absent parent, depression, self-esteem issues, bullying and misuse of social media.

Motivation Issues - The primary focus of our behavioral health programs are "lifestyle diseases" including diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Usually, clients know what they should do, but struggle with the motivation to make changes. Motivational Interviewing is a therapeutic approach based on encouraging clients to identify their internal motivation to improve their health compliance.