Parent Educational Seminars FAQ

How long is the class?

The class taught as a one-day course for 4 hours on Saturday mornings at 9am taught on Zoom.

What is the cost of the class and how do I pay?

Once you have registered for an identified date, you will be sent an invoice for $50. The link to attend the class is sent after the invoice has been paid.

What can I get out of your class that I can't get out of any other parenting class?

Most participants report that the most helpful part of my class is my overview of the legal aspects of divorce but most don't understand particulars of what that are agreeing to in the parenting plan.

Additionally, I bring educational and personal experience to the class. I am divorced myself and I went through a similar class. I have spent the last 10 years learning how to co-parent in separate homes. However, I have been a parent for 26 years and have a total of 5 children. 

I also use my experience as a counselor for the past nearly 30 years, 23 of those years with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In sum, I have the counseling, personal and legal exposure to this topic.

Why do I have to take this class?

The State of TN has decided that because divorce and co-parenting can be so tense and full of conflict, it is important to think about the best ways to co-parent for the benefit of the child(ren) as well as the parents. The ultimate goal is to think about raise healthy, well-adjusted children.